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C8/C12 hardware functions and deployments

  • 1 Advanced servo motor for feeding and collecting system;
  • 2 Three feeding modes for different operation conditions: inserted type, deposited feeding type with two rollers, deposited feeding type by dragging media with three rollers;
  • 3 Integral machine body with higher accuracy of feeding and collecting;
  • 4 Unique printhead protection stack;
  • 5 Secondary ink tank and ink circuit heating system;
  • 6 Three-stage adjustable temperature heating for media;
  1. 7 Reserved suction outlet for automatic printhead cleaning;
  2. 8 LED lights the printing bed for better observing printing quality and color bar;
  3. 9 C8/C12:80㎡/h,120㎡/h

Note: Automatic collecting system & infrared heating and fan drying system can achieve unattended printing.(Optional for C8)


Print head KONICA 512 42 PL / 35 PL / 14 PL
Number of print head 4 / 8
Maximum print width 3.2M ( 126 inch )
Colour CMYK
Media Advertising banner, PVC, Mesh fabrics, Vinyl
Maximum print quality 360 x 720dpi/360 x 1440dpi
Auto media system Equipped
Auto cleaning system Positive pressure cleaning spray in ideal function
Image format Bitmap, TIFF, Quark Xpress, JPEG
Colour management Superior ICC profile
Work flow RIP and print at the same time / Print after RIP
Print interface USB2.0
Ink type Solvent based ink
Software Allwin RIP, Photo print
Work station Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
Operating environment 220V~(+10%)>15A, 50Hz/60Hz
Machine dimension 15ft x 3ft x 5ft
Wooden case dimension 17ft, 4ft, 6ft
Firing frequency 7.6Khz/12.5Khz


Print speed

2Pass 180 x 720dpi 80m2/h, 240 x 720dpi 60m2/h
3pass 180 x 1080dpi 52m2/h, 240 x 1080dpi 40m2/h
4Pass 180 x 1440dpi 40m2/h, 240 x 1440dpi 30m2/h